Turnkey Approach

img_3495.jpegAs your Real Estate Team leader I have turnkey package that will help your company minimize employee involvement and expense with your client who owns a home. My goal is to make the home sale transaction of your client as efficient and financially profitable as possible. As your Real Estate broker I will take the lead and project manage the transaction from start to finish. I will keep you informed and up to date in writing (daily, weekly and as needed) via email.

The transaction will start with an Intake Interview(s) of your case appointed staff member, client (if you feel it would be beneficial) and other parties as needed. I will order appropriate reports and standard real estate data to assist with valuation and clarify any issues with title. The reports will be provided to you with my completed package analysis (this may not apply in most cases because the Guardian usually orders an appraisal on the property) The next step will be to meet your staff member at the client’s home. I will take basic pictures of the property which will help with developing a plan (downsizing, clean out, rehab, client return to property or sale) and property value. After this meeting, I will analyze the property, the work needed for different scenarios and put together a plan for your company. There is no charge for this initial intake process!

All contractors (yours or mine) involved can be overseen by myself (no extra charge!) You will have one contact person who will have one mission; to communicate in writing the progress of the work so you are kept informed.

Before and during the clean out, and/or move process I will work with your staff and the client (if applicable) to gather legal and financial documents, valuables, pictures and other possible sentimental property of the client, as needed. I will deliver these items to your local office or other designated local address/storage. Out of area shipping (subject to charge) can be arranged too.

I will work with you and your client to move their items from the home to storage or their new living arrangement. Vendor costs apply for the move. I will follow up with inventory reports, as necessary.

At LS Realty Group, I know that your biggest challenge with a client who owns a home is the intense process of analyzing the property issues, valuation of the property and which direction is best financially and in your client’s best interest. I am are here to make this process as thorough and complete as possible.

Download a printable version of our Turnkey Approach here!